"FREE Bot System Includes CUSTOM Web Pages & Custom Automated Messenger Bots To EXPLODE Any Business... Plus Receive Generous Affiliate Commissions For Sharing With Others! Join Now For FREE!"

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. Yes, you can earn an Unlimited Income with our 1st Compensation Plan called the "Free Bot Plan" even if you never pay us anything.

  2. Yes. We have 3 compensation plans with 2 of them paying "residual" commissions and 1 where you can earn commissions without ever paying anything. You can learn more about these compensation plans at www.YouTube.com/watch?v=pKDFzwAgJP0

  3. No, you do not need to upgrade to earn commissions. We have 3 compensation plans with 2 of them paying "residual" commissions and 1 where you can earn commissions without ever paying anything. You can learn more about these compensation plans at www.YouTube.com/watch?v=pKDFzwAgJP0

  4. Yes, we automatically send people who join the Free Bot System Pre-Launch a 3-message autoresponder campaign that directs them to our FBS Support Site at www.FreeBotSystemSupport.com so they learn about the many benefits and value of the FBS.

  5. The VIP Club is a separate program and is independent of the "Monthly Contacts Plan". The Monthly Contacts Plan has a fee for FBS Members based on the number of contacts generated by the Bot. The VIP Club includes the following benefits:

    1) UNLIMITED access to our "Done-for-You Web Pages & Chat Conversations"
    2) Free "Endless Free Leads Mobile" (an AMAZING Social Media Training Program with over 60 videos and 75 scripts)
    3) A VACATION CERTIFICATE (valued at over $1,000)

  6. Yes. but we would strongly suggest you get a Lifetime Bot soon if you want one because once the countdown goes to 0, then they will NEVER be available again. Also, some of the benefits of getting a Lifetime Bot is that you get the VIP Club Membership without having to pay $20 monthly fee, you NEVER pay regardless of how many Bot Contacts you generate (everyone else pays based on how many they generate), and you also can earn $150 when someone under you gets a Lifetime Bot (if they are still available).

  7. The requirements to earn commissions on our different compensation plans can be seen on our Support Site at www.FreeBotSystemSupport.com. You can also learn more by watching this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKDFzwAgJP0

  8. We have a video on the Support Site at www.FreeBotSystemSupport.com in the "What You Get" section that provides a an overview of how to use the Free Bot System. You can also share this video with those who don't access to our Support Site by going to www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHaJrLcJ_qQ

  9. The Free Bot System utilizes our Automated Chat Bot which is much more engaging that a static Lead Capture Page. Prospects are a lot more likely to give their permission for you to market to them and, our Bot Automatically captures a lot more information (including things that aren't even requested) so, that you can promote to different target markets. The FBS can generate up to 10 times more responses that Lead Capture Pages by utilizing Messenger and SMS Texting rather than just email which is typically used when responding from a Lead Capture page.

  10. Just 300 and then that's it and, they will go quickly. Make sure to view the Counter at the top of our Support Site at www.FreeBotSystemSupport.com for the current number of Lifetime Bots available for sale.

  11. You can give anyone in any Network Marketing Company a Free Bot System. When you send prospects to your "Done for You Webpage" that includes a "Done For You Chat Conversation", prospects will remember how you:

    1) DID NOT spend a lot of time with them.
    2) DID NOT try to convince them to buy or join your business.
    3) INVITED them in a way that they could see themselves doing with their prospects.

    You are a lot more likely to get people to join your business when you have an amazing marketing system that they can use for free because having a tool to help people recruit is critical to your and their success and, when they believe they can succeed, they are more likely to join your business.

  12. Any business can utilize our Free Bot System conversations to help them grow their list of prospects. This allows them to market to their list with "real-time" offers that can help them generate more sales.

  13. Go to your Facebook Personal page and paste https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/pages?ref=u2u into your browser's address bar, then click the enter key on your keyboard.

  14. Check your junk and spam folders and then whitelist our Domain. We will send SMS text messages to anyone in the United States and Canada who signs up for the Free Bot System.

  15. Lifetime Bot commissions are 'On Demand' (meaning whenever you want 11 days after someone has purchased a Lifetime Bot.

  16. Yes, included with your Lifetime Bot purchase is a free membership to our VIP Club and you never have to pay the $20.00 monthly membership fee.

  17. You can see the countries supported at https://ionicware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231982728-What-countries-are-supported-by-Hyperwallet-Paylution

  18. The Free Bot System is a marketing system that uses 'Automated Chat Bot' technology to help marketers capture the contact information on their prospects that can help online marketers significantly increase their conversion rates over traditional email marketing. See this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHaJrLcJ_qQ

  19. As soon as you sign up for the Free Bot System, you will immediately be redirected to a page with our login link and your Username and Password. As well, you will receive several emails with your login details.

  20. The benefits of purchasing a Lifetime Bot Account are as follows:

    1) There are no monthly fees regardless of how many contacts you generate with the Free Bot System.
    2) You can create your own Chat Bot conversations.
    3) You earn a one-time $150.00 commission on every Lifetime sale.

  21. We don't offer refunds on Lifetime Bot purchases.

    (If someone asks for a refund, send them the reply below.)

    Please email Click for Email Address and let me know if you change your mind and want our a Lifetime License (at no charge) for our Automated Marketing Software that now sells for $597 but will go up to $797 soon. If you don't want to use our Automated Marketing Software, you can always sell it (and we will be doing Free training on it every month so, all you would need to do is invite someone to our Free training.

  22. Go to https://www.freebotsystemadmin.com and then click on LOST PASSWORD and follow the simple instructions.

  23. ANSWER

  24. You need to provide Facebook with a valid reason why you need to know the language, gender and location of your prospects. For example: "I have different Chat Bot conversations with my business prospects based on the language they speak so I can communicate more effectively with them and I offer products and services that are gender specific."

  25. We do not guarantee that you will earn any income because the results you achieve are based on your skills, your understanding of how online marketing works and, your commitment to succeed.

  26. Once logged into the Free Bot System Admin Area (https://FreeBotSystemAdmin.com) at the top-left corner of the page you will see where you can select your Facebook page. (NOTE: You are allowed only one (1) Facebook page for your Lifetime Bot Account.

  27. Send a Support Ticket to TechSupport@PricelessPossibilities.com requesting that we reinstate your Free Bot System Account.

  28. If you purchased a Lifetime Bot and want to create your own Bot Conversations, you will need a Facebook Business Page (they are free) that you are the administrator. If you aren't clear how to create a Facebook Business Page, you can learn more at:


  29. Log into your Free Bot System Admin Area, then click on CONTACTS and then look for GROUPS. You will see a Group call FBS Sign Ups.

  30. We only display those contacts in your Contact Manager that you have personally referred to the Free Bot System, i.e. on your 1st Level. You will not see contacts on levels 2-5.

  31. Log into your Free Bot System (FBS) account and you need to be a VIP Club Member to use Endless Free Leads Mobile. Then click on VIP Club on the Navigation bar and then go to Step 3.

  32. If you are a VIP Club Member, then you can send emails to Contacts from within your Admin Area by clicking on PROMOTIONAL TOOLS and then choose "Communicate With Contacts".

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